Scala TCE Event 17.5.11 - "To JALA or to SCALA ?" @ Krypton

During the past 3 years, the Java language and the Java platform have steadily parted into two disjoint domains.


While on one hand the level of decoupling within Java, the language has decreased in an attempt to keep backward compatibility while adding new features and adjusting its syntax to new programming idioms, on the other hand the JVM has greatly matured and is currently one of the most if not the most advanced runtime environments for executing managed code.

This state has fostered the creation of numerous programming languages targeted at the VM as their main execution environment, as well as the adaptation of others, preexisting languages, to executing on the JVM.

In this TCE, the first of its kind, we shall take a closer look at one of these languages, that is probably more advanced than the majority of the others: Scala. It might even replace Java as the language of choice in at least some of the start-ups, software-houses and enterprises that wish to escape the inevitable destiny of managing 100's of thousands of lines of code mostly stating the obvious, reduce readability and, at large, fosters mediocrity among developers.

  Scala Introduction

Scala has the feel of something new, and while its idioms are not easily understood (separating it from "blue collar" Java), it already has its community of believers, who benefit from it, enjoying boosted productivity, lesser lines of code and the undeniably pleasant feeling of hype.


</embed> Scala Introduction

General information

Date: Tuesday, May 17th at 08:30 - 12:30.
Location: "Krypton", Hakfar Hayarok (הכפר הירוק), Ramat Hasharon.

Free parking is available.

The event is FOC.




08:30 – 9:30 : Registration, meet-up and networking


9:30 - 10:00

"Why Scala: An Introduction to what could be Java's successor" (Zvika Markfeld, "Tikal")

In this opening session we will discuss some background facts, myths and motivations related to Scala language and its usage: What's wrong with Java? Why couldn't typed dynamic languages fill the gap? What does Scala have to offer in the thriving Polyglot market? And how does it compare to Java on one hand and Ruby on the other in terms of code length, performance and more.

10:00 - 11:00

"From Java to Scala, an Android application use case" (Ittay Dror, "Tikal")

In this presentation we'll show how Scala can be used instead of Java to get more concise and modular code gaining productivity and maintenance advantages. We'll use a simple Android application to show the transition"


11:00-11:15 Coffee break


11:15 - 11:55

Scala Case Study at "ClearForest" (Dudi Landau, "Thomson Reuters")

A brief overview of where we came from on the technology stack & where we’re heading towards. The case for Scala in ClearForest: Why, How & lessons learned.


12:00-12:30 Closing and Networking


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