Exposing Spring services over http - need recommendations


We have a spring 3 application running on tomcat and secured with spring security (form login). the spring beans are exposed with HttpInvoker and our native client is a java applet. using HttpInvoker from the java applet is seamless, when calling the applet page, if a user is not authenticated spring security redirect to a login jsp. from now on the java plugin on the client side knows how to put the http session id on the http header for every HttpInvoker call.

Now, we want to expose some of our services in a more friendly way then HttpInvoker and of course REST/JSON is the first thing that comes in mind because our future clients could be written in any language, most probably .net clients.

So we'd like to hear experienced recommendations of what's the best REST framework to integrate with spring and spring security, is it resteasy, jersey,CXF,restlet, spring mvc.

Thank you.


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