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Hi all,
Following a short discussion with Zvika et al (the phonic voice) we decided to go forward with the idea of pod-casting mimicking the concept of:
(glassfish pod-cast)</wbr>glassfishpodcast/

(not exactly a pod-cast rather an audio blog which used for hosting the audio files)</wbr>blog/

(very nice layout)</wbr>podcasts/podcast-65-with-jace-</wbr>everett


(also worth reading)


(this is what i am using at the field)

At present we concentrated on Java and gathered several topics, however it is going to be completely open and even the "small" Flex group ... can suggest ideas :)

The sessions are supposed to be recorded at abbey road studios (Habrezel 4), Zvika in the rule of the interviewer, a jave member in the rule of the interviewee and I in the of the aspiring sound man.

The list as as follows, feel free to suggest your own:

The State of Java Language & Platform

Purpose and applications of Polyglot Programming

Next Generation Databases - Hot Trends and Raison d'être

Wen Application Frameworks -Trends and User Experience

Java News (JavaPosse-style)

Java based installers

The notion of real-time Java for mission critical applications

Audio signal processing with Java

Natural language processing with java

Preparing for the sun Java certified programmer examination

Preparing for a Java job interview

Anti hacking and hardening a Linux production server (mio +1)

Unix file system/memory encryption/decryption, root-kits, and anti root kits.


protect yourself - use pgp signature, encryption and web of trust in your day to day communication.

The DVCS revolution.

Some more fun centric topics as decoration:

a selected Tikal employee talking on his favorite blogs/web sites/ff plugins/android apps/Habarzel street restaurants/whatever...


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