TCE Event - The Revolution of Application Lifecycle Management @Krypton

Most R&D organizations face a growing complexity in their technology and business landscape, requiring them to deal with constantly changing, sometimes contradicting, requirements and needs. Rapid technology and business changed have led to a major revolution in Application Lifecycle Management methodologies and tools.


Tikal Knowledge, provider of open source solutions and services, invites you to learn about the new approaches and solutions in Application Lifecycle Management.


General information


Date: Tuesday, December 28th at 08:30 - 12:30.
Location: "Krypton", Hakfar Hayarok (הכפר הירוק), Ramat Hasharon.

Free parking is available.

The event is FOC.




08:30 – 9:30 : Registration, meet-up and networking



ALM retrospective (Ittay Dror, "Tikal")

The concept of Application Lifecycle Management went through dramatic changes from the prehistoric file versioning and local builds to the renaissance of private branching and continuous deployment. Learn how the new methodologies and the rising of dev-ops role helps ALM evolve into the current environment of cloud computing, hybrid platforms and agility.


5-minute Commit-to-Production, Continuous Deployment to Production 50 times a day (Eishay Smith, Director of Engineering, "Wealthfront")

Learn how companies safely push code dozens (hundreds!) of times a day, and reduce their "code inventory". Discuss the architecture, tools and culture needed for Continuous Deployment and how to get there by creating an effective "immune system", using the right infrastructure software, implementing deployment orchestration techniques, and more.


10:20-10:30 Coffee break



Parallel development using branch model (Liya Katz & Miron Gofer, "Tikal")

Moving from simple file versioning model to distributed version control, powering branch by purpose model with private branching using subversion and GIT.

Learn how to create a robust change management methodology, integrating version controls to issue tracker, supporting merges, version number policies, and more.


11:20-11:40 Branch break



Continuous integration and deployment (Haggai Philip Zagury & Itai Or, "Tikal")

Managing and automating the process of Build->Deploy->Test with Hudson, Eucalyptus and other tools, showing how to move from simple nightly build scripts to fully automated component based integration and continuous deployment.


12:03-13:00 Closing and Networking


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