IZWebFileManager 2.6 release is out

Welcome the new generation of IZWebFileManager - v2.6

What’s new?

1. Multiple files upload.
File upload bar allows you to select more then one file to upload at once.

I added two new resource keys to support localization:

Upload_Another_File - default value “Upload Another File”, text of the link bellow the browse file box.

Upload_File_Remove - default value “Remove”, text of the link near to each of browse file boxes.

To enable localization of this texts just add a proper resources to WebFileManagerResource.XXX.resx suitable you locale.

2. Upgraded to VS 2010/.NET 3.5.
Since this release using of IZWebFileManager requires .NET 3.5 or higher.

The release is available for download from Google Code

What’s next?

In current implementation I use reflection to access some not public API. That causes application fail when run in Medium trust environment. (http://www.izwebfilemanager.com/forums/thread/543.aspx)

So, in the next release I will solve this problem.

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