Ubuntu and Sun's Java silent divorce

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I was getting mad yesterday trying to figure out what happened to my SUN-JAVA 6 installation on my Ubuntu equipped laptop after the upgrade to the last and best Ubuntu version 10.04, so called "Lucid Lynx".


The desktop itself is wonderful. Most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Really.


But suddenly all my java stuff stopped: eclipse, maven, ant, everything, that

helped me to cope without marriage so far...just refused to work.


And you know what? Try to guess...


Ubuntu DELETED (ERASED, REMOVED) my SUN java 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a default behavior during the upgrade, unsupported software just removed!!!


You remember that sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk?


Forget about it!!!


New Ubuntu does not support SUN jdk and leaves that OpenJava as a single available



That's sucks!!!!




You still able to download and install the sun's (oracle's) java as a binary (.bin) and install it:


It works like unzip, just a package you place anywhere on your disk.


Then if you make changes to your PATH and JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME variables in the /etc/profile it even starts to work for your previously installed applications.


So , I'm still with Ubuntu, although I was 1 inch from throwing it out from my hard drive...

I hate when software behaves like this. I expected something like that from MS Windows, or from their IE(**KED BINGO has installed itself as default search engine even in firefox!!! no matter how many times I clicked "NO"!!!!), but not from the “software of the choice”.


They removed sun's JDK from all their repositories, only JRE is still there...


Ubuntu....Ubuntu....I start think what next....



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