Open Source's (Drupal) threat on Microsoft is growing

On the 15th of December 2009 Mridul Narayanan discovered an Anti Drupal ad which definitely caused a large number of web services to work "extra hours" - various blogs, twitter, Google searches & adwords etc etc ... were all talking on about the big threat Drupal is to Microsoft, I am not sure I understand the big fuss. Microsoft are just showing us over and over again that Open Source software is here to stay and it should be treated as they treat any other competition.


I remember a great RC commercial where a short kid, buys two cans of coke - one was Coca Cola and the second was Pepsi, and he used those two cans as a step to reach the RC cola button. What I am saying is competition is war - and in this case specifically it is only a good commercial to Druapl - see one of Dries Buytaert's comment on Microsoft anti Drupal ad:

"I certainly agree with that message, which is why I was flattered by the idea that Microsoft considered Drupal worthy of competition. Expect more competition from commercial vendors in 2010. We're on their radars now."


More about this issue:

Discovery of Anti Drupal add:

Microsoft's apology here:

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