Can Mono be a Target Platform for Desktop Applications?

Mono is project I truly admire. Deploying a .NET WinForms application on non-Windows platform is really something I need. But can I really do that? One of the major incentives to move from the web to the desktop is to achieve a much better look and feel ( - I know, there are other very good reasons :-) )


In real life, we (almost) never build the GUI from scratch. We use control bundles, such as Telerik, Infragistics, etc. Otherwise we can spend ages refining our GUI, and the result will probably won't be as good.  


So, we want to use 3rd party controls libraries. We also want the multi-platform capability. Can these two live together? Maybe, in the future. Currently the major GUI controls products are not Mono-Compatible. Here's a compatibility list from Mono web site.


What can we do, besides waiting? Well, I currently don't have a real solution - except for building ugly applications :-)  


Will be more than happy to get your suggestions and ideas.