Tikal 1st Community Event - The Cloud Dilemma for Developers

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Cloud computing is a game changer. The cloud is disrupting traditional software and hardware business models by disrupting how IT service gets delivered.


Cloud Computing brings the promise of allowing deployment of scalable business services with little or no capital investment, access for a mobile workforce, and low IT maintenance costs - but it brings with it concerns about manageability, security, and control of intellectual property. For architects and developers alike, the economics of the Cloud mean that "we finally get to do what we've been drawing on white-boards for years." Companies large and small are taking advantage of the cloud's utility model. In this conference you will be able to figure if Cloud Computing meet your technical and business needs, or is the Cloud still "vapor-ware" for you.

Introduction to Cloud Computing by Yanai Franchi


Google App Engine Intro By Andrew Skiba


Amazon AWS Case Study by: Dudi Landau , “Thomson Reuters", "ClearForest CTO”


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