Connecting Flex with Java in server side - Exadel Flamingo

Hello all

In the field of Flex-Java remoting/messaging there are many products… Adobe’s BlazeDS or LCDS products are the most common solutions, but other solutions exist. (GraniteDS,WebOrb,etc)

This time I would like to present a small/neat/easily integrable solution called “Flamingo” by Exadel…

This product is an elegant code generator for connecting Flex application with Spring or Seam driven Java server side… Simplicity of operation (In comparison with BlazeDS) / Quick integration (Maven…) / Built in Flex components in SWC / easy and simple architecture (in comparison with GraniteDS Tide framework)…. All these make this product worth looking into…. Another advantage is the support to JavaFX….that who knows…might be an alternative sometime in the future.



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