Re: [Tools] Building a customized JBoss distribution with Maven2

You can use

If you need other version you can upload to there.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 2:41 PM, Zvika Markfeld <> wrote:

Comrades & Comradettes,

During a Maven2 build process I’m building a JBoss customizated running tree

  • I searched but couldn’t find a repository containing the JBoss distro which I can extract, modify and repackage. Since the developer team is in different locations, I cannot use a shared repository/proxy such as Artifactory, and although this is a one-time process, I don’t want each team member to manually have to install JBoss distro in his local repository.

My Question: Has anyone found a full JBoss (4.2) distribution accessible over a Maven2 repository? Do we, in Tikal, have one on our servers?

thanks, Zvika

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