Criticism of Java Persistence Frameworks

Ibrahim Levent describe the 23 most common pitfalls of Java Persistence Frameworks:

"Most of applications are database-driven and need to access tables, modify data. Although there are many questions about persistence frameworks, we need them a lot when developing applications. Otherwise SQL codes scatters across applications causing an ugly and unmanageable application. Persistence frameworks build a database layer and separates concerns. Java Persistence solutions are divided into two branches. One is Java standard solutions; JDBC, EJB, JDO. The other is ORM (Object-relational Mapping) frameworks; Hibernate, Toplink, Enterprise Object Framework, iBatis etc.
Let me ask the basic question that everybody somehow asks himself “Isn’t there any other solution to persistence problem simpler and more powerful?” I have been reading many problem news about this issue. Last one was Sun’s attempt to simplify EJB. In fact, this is why new frameworks will never end."

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