Report from JavaOne 2008 from AMIS

Thursday 29th May - some 70 Java specialists gathered to discuss the main themes and findings from the 2008 JavaOne conference. Peter, Wouter and Lucas presented on their experiences in San Francisco earlier this month, demonstrated some of the more memorable (and demoable) products and highlighted their personal favorites. They also had some interesting discussions and brainstorms with the audience. All in all, the evening was lively, entertaining and very informative.

Some of the topics we discussed: UI trends - multi-device, rich, active, social, mashup - ;Ajax, jMaki, JSF (2.0), Server Push; Portal (2.0, JSR 286); Scripting languages (primarily Groovy), OSGi, NetBeans & Glassfish, JEE6, Java 7, the Business of Open Source. Demonstrations included: jMaki, JavaFX, Groovy, OpenStellarium, WebSynergy (Liferay/Sun Portal), ICEfaces (Comet).

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