On The Radar episode 9 - AIops

In this episode, we will talk about AIOPS eventually, but we’ll start at the beginning :) So even though we are all super intelligent and smart, there is no way to cover everything in one episode.

In this episode, we will focus on the basics, terminology, and why the typical infrastructure demands look the way they do.

In the second episode (planned in the future) we will be focused on DevOps and implementation in Kubernetes.

We are happy to host Mickey Iluz and Dvir Paravi, each bringing with them lots of knowledge, expertise, and love to this field, both are working around neural networks even since it was discussed as science fiction.

Don’t worry - the chapter is going to be interesting, and there’s no need to refresh your math :)

*We apologize for the recording poor quality and we hope to go back to studio recording ASAP.

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