RoR workshops and training

Tikal's RoR group workshops and courses are available for our local customers, custome made for there needs. Also you can join our public workshops at "Fullstack Developers Israel" meetup group. 

Here with is a list of available RoR workshops :

Building a Ruby on Rails application from scratch workshop

In this 2 day workshop, we will be building a full project management system, that will have projects, users, to-dos, file uploads and more.
While working on the project we will be doing full TDD, showing the attendants how a real life project is built, we will use Heroku to deploy our app, GitHub to host it and pretty much everything you will be doing in your first job as a Ruby on Rails engineer.

Agenda :

  • Building the TODO model
  • Building the Project model
  • Building the User model including Authentication
  • Introduction
  • Uploading files to ToDo items using jQuery file upload and processing thumbnails
  • SASSING up our project using some some twitter bootstrap
  • Launching the project and deploying it introduction


  • Knowledge in web development
  • Knowledge in CSS/Javascript
  • At least 1 year experience as a web developer in other languages.


  • Your system should be running a rails project
  • you should have RVM installed and running, and have a real rails project running with no problems.
  • MySQL/SQLite should be installed and working with that rails project
  • GitHub account

Time Frame : 5 sessions of 4 hours each. 
Lecturer : Avi Tzuriel - Tikal's Ruby group leader 
Price : will be advised per demand. 

The Fundamentals of Scaling Rails App

The next step after building your website is to plan and prepare it for higher website exposure through different channels. Your website must successfully face massive visitors landing without crashing or slowing down significantly.

This can be achieved by applying time-proven techniques which constantly used by industria giants.

We are going to use Open Source tools and bring you from having a basic functional website to the point when it can face new challenges.

There is an old myth claiming that Rails isn't scalable.   
We are going to prove it wrong in practice. In fact, Rails is used everywhere, and unlike PHP it's used more in high-traffic websites just to name a few - Shopify,  AirBnb, YellowPages, Groupon.

Workshop Agenda


Learn how to scale real-life rails applications with ease using the latest technologies. 
In the workshop we will be exploring how you actually go about scaling up a rails application, from cache strategies to search indexing. 
We will show how you setup, manage and deploy those technologies to your servers. 

Detailed Agenda 
1. Cache 
-- Caching partials 
-- Caching objects 
-- Caching full pages 
-- Various cache stores and advantages/disadvantages

2. Key-Value stores 
-- What are key-value stores used for in a rails application 
-- What are the popular KV stores 
-- We will be exploring Redis, using it in rails for caching values and other advanced usages

3. Offloading CPU 
-- How you can offload CPU from your main application to other servers using background processing. 
-- Exploring different background processing solutions 
-- Sidekiq will be our choice but we will also explore other more robust solutions like RabbitMQ

4. Scaling search and object indexing 
-- We'll be using SOLR for indexing and searching How you setup SOLR using chef on your servers SOLR master/slave indexing objects What to index and what not to index 

Workshop Prerequisites 
If you are a Ruby on Rails developer or at least completed the basic blog tutorial and understand it well.

Laptops needed.

Time Frame : 2 sessions of 4 hours each. 
Lecturer : Avi Tzurel  - Tikal's Ruby group leader
Price : will be advised per demand.