Java workshops and training

Tikal's Java group workshops and courses are available for our local customers, custome made for there needs. Also you can join our public workshops at  "Fullstack Developers Israel" ​ meetup group. 

Here with is a list of available Java workshops :

Android for Java developers workshop

Android for Java Developers (UI) - learning the basic components and tools for designing and implementing UI in Android application development. This workshop is aimed at developers with a solid base in the Java language and development system and it will include hands on development of topics discussed.  

Topics covered:

  • Android at a Glance
  • UI Design via XML
  • Activities and Fragments
  • Views
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Dialogs and Toasts 
  • Backwards Compatibility. 

Working Android IDE: Either Eclipse with ADT pluggin or Android Studio (code samples will be done in Eclipse).
Android SDK manager with a minimum of these items installed :

  • Android SDK Tools    
  • Android SDK Platform-tools    
  • Android SDK Build-tools    
  • Android 4.2.2 (API 17)    
  • Android 2.3.3 (API 10)    
  • Extras - Android Support Library 
Time Frame : 8 Hours
Lecturer : Michael Hantler - Tikal's Android expert.
Price : Will be advised per demand. 

Akka in a nutshell workshop

Akka aims to be the platform for the next-generation, event-driven, scalable, and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM. 
One of the core features of Akka is an implementation of the Actor model. It alleviates the developer from having to deal with explicit locking and thread management. Using the Actor model raises the abstraction level and provides a better platform for building correct concurrent and scalable applications.

Actors in akka: 
Simple and high-level abstractions for concurrency and parallelism. 
Asynchronous, non-blocking and highly performant event-driven programming model. 
Very lightweight event-driven processes 

Fault Tolerance: 
Supervisor hierarchies with "let-it-crash" semantics (parent actor supervising child actors(. 
Supervisor hierarchies can span over multiple JVMs to provide truly fault-tolerant systems. 
Excellent for writing highly fault-tolerant systems that self-heal and never stop. 

Location Transparency: 
Everything in Akka is designed to work in a distributed environment: all interactions between actors use pure message passing and everything is asynchronous. 

Time Frame : 8 Hours
Lecturer : Lior Perry - Tikal's Java expert.
Price : Will be advised per demand. 

Solr workshop

This hands-on workshop is targeted at developers who want to build applications with Solr, the Lucene search server.
You will learn how to set up and use Solr to index and search, how to analyze and solve common problems.
The workshop covers:

  • Principals of search application development and design
  • Common search use cases and their application
  • How to make content searchable
  • Basics and best practices for indexing and searching using Solr
  • How to integrate Solr into your solutions
  • Techniques to analyze and resolve common search problems
  • How to leverage Solr's optional modules including spell checking
  • Data Import Handler
  • Rich document extraction and other popular capabilities
  • Advanced topics in designing Solr apps and running a site
  • Solr operations and deployment tools and strategies.
The course includes both theoretical materials, as well as hands-on exercises for the students which utilizes Solr for indexing and Searching.
Workshop syllabus :
  • Introduction
  • Installing Solr
  • Analyze Process
  • Solr Configuration
  • Indexing Your Documents
  • Search Your Documents
  • Solr Cloud
Time Frame : 2 sessions of 4 hours each. 
Lecturer : Itai Peleg - Tikal's Java group member.
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Hibernate course

Tikal's Hibernate course can be modified to suit a range of in-the-know audiences. The listed outlined syllabus can be adapted to customer needs. Graduates will be familiar with advanced Hibernate object-relational mapping technology and skilled with design & implementation of Hibernate-based complex solutions.
Applicants should have knowledge of Java, JDBC and basic knowledge of Hibernate.

Time Frame : 3 Days. (70% frontal, 30% workshop)
Lecturer : Yanai Franchi - Tikal's Java group leader.
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Play framework workshop


  • Brief introduction
  • Environment installation
  • Web application hands on
  • Using Play modules hands on 
  • Scala on Play (for Java developers)
  • Being ready to scale - reactive programming
  • SBT build system
  • Play applications on the cloud
  • Writing extension modules

You need to bring a laptop with Play distribution as a zip (2.2.1) and Scala enabled IDE. For eclipse it's the best to download ScalaIDE from­ 

Time Frame : 2 sessions of 4 hours each. 
Lecturer : Andrew Skiba - Tikal's Java group leader.
Price : will be advised per demand.