FED workshops and training

Tikal's Javascript group workshops and courses are available for our local customers, custome made for there needs. Also you can join our public workshops at "Fullstack Developers Israel" meetup group. 

Here with is a list of available Javascript workshops :

Building Web Applications with Angular.js

This workshop will present Angular JS concepts and dive into actual, hands-on web-application programming.

Attendees will learn how to use Angular JS to write web applications, will go from overview down to detailed, step-by-step hands-on lessons and exercises, to get the actual feel and understanding of the framework.

Then, at the last hands-on part of the workshop, a full fledged application will be built and deeper understanding will be attained.

Requirements & Gear:

  • Laptop
  • Code Editor
  • git client
  • nodejs + testacular


  • +2 years experience with front end  web development: javascript, css, html
  • + experience developing native oop javascript for web application



  • Philosophy
  • Conceptual overview
  • Strength, weaknesses, domain

Part 1 (step-by-step tutoring)

  • Model, control, data-binding
  • HTML enhancements
  • Interactivity, validation...
  • Services
  • Filters and events
  • Directives

Part 2 (centered on actual application development)

  • Angular seed, partials, redirections
  • Views, components, templates
  • Promise, $http, $q

Part 3

  • Summary of Angular’s artifacts
  • Group work on the application
  • Integrating Third-party APIs
  • Closing Questions
Time Frame : 3 sessions of 3 hours each.
Lecturer : Avi Tshuva - Tikal's JS group member.
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Backbone.js workshop


With Tikal's Backbone.js workshop, attendees will learn to develop web application using Backbone.js framework. In addition to the basics of Backbone.js, you will get familiar with Twitter’s Bootstrap and will finally, connect to a live feed and develop a full working backbone.js application.

In this full day workshop (8 hours), we’ll use a real life example of a working web application developed with Backbone. The source code for this application will be available to download on the beginning of the workshop.

We’ll cover:

  • What is Backbone
  • What Backbone attempt to solve
  • Backbone Model
  • Backbone View
  • Backbone Collection
  • Backbone Router
  • Underscore.js

Throughout the workshop, we’ll cover some of the best practices for how to use Backbone and leveraging its powers and code reuse.


  • Knowledge Native Javascript (learn about it at MDN)
  • Object Oriented Javascript (learn about it at MDN)
  • creating reusable objects functions closures
  • jQuery Tools Laptop - Windows, Linux, Mac, Netbook Favorite Code Editor SublimeText (windows, linux, mac) Notepad++ TextMate (MAC)
  • Other Localhost web server xampp mamp (MAC) SublimeServer Plugin for SublimeText Editor 
Time Frame : 2 sessions of 4 hours each.
Lecturer : Oren Farhi - Tikal's JS group leader.
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Node.js workshop

A hands-on workshop about developing server-side, event-driven, aynchronuos i/o, scalable applications, all in JavaScrtipt. The course is divided into two parts, Basic and Advanced, and deals with pragmatic, real-world usages of Node.js.


  • Basic JavaScript Skills
  • Experience with web development and HTTP


- Session 1 

  • Introduction & Setup
  • Writing a "Hello World" web-server.

- Session 2 

  • Core API Basics
  • Debugging
  • Taking "Hello World" a step further with static content serving and caching

- Session 3 

  • Introducing the EventEmmitter class and patterns
  • Creating & Using Modules
  • Improving "Hello World" using streaming

The advanced part of the course includes interfacing with databases (MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis), the Express framework, WebSockets and security.

Time Frame : 3 sessions of 4 hours each.
Lecturer : Adi Baron - Tikal's JAVA group member.
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Javascript & HTML5 workshop

Take the opportunity for a real Javascript & HTML5 hands-on workshop for the best practices of development using this cutting edge technologies.

This workshop is for back-end or front-end developers with basic skills in Javascript, HTML and CSS.
We will use the recently released Yeoman to set up our project. Please install it on your laptops before the workshop. See the Yeoman site for installation instructions for Linux and Mac, and this page for installation instructions for Windows.
This one day workshop, will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Overview of Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • MVC with BackboneJS
  • Dependency Management with RequireJS
  • Overview of HTML5 APIs and CSS3
  • Fallback for unsupported HTML5/CSS3
Time Frame : 2 sessions of 4 hours each.
Lecturer : Gabi Axel - Tikal's JS group member.
Price : will be advised per demand.