This month’s issue, it the first issue in a series of “javascript digests”.
These digests will explore the very new and popular frameworks, discovers, articles, libraries, the important tips & tricks and the new API’s releases in the world of javascript for each month.
The issues will also include news about HTML5 & CSS3 and related examples and articles.

The idea of the digest is to give a small insight and focal point for few interesting subjects that were gathered during the month. In that way, you’ll have a starting digest point for the next month.

May 2011

In this month’s issue i’m focusing on articles, frameworks & libraries.
Various javascript frameworks are starting to arise in order to give a solution to a certain development need. I’m focusing on frameworks which may ease development for a certain needed functionality such as: event management, templating, general mobile support and others.

Articles (javascript inside)

  1. Selecting in javascript -
  2. Binding scope in javascript -
  3. Best practices for speeding up your web site -
  4. Better-Faster Javascript by Ben Cherry (Presentation) -
  5. JS Publish/Subscribe Pattern for Javascript Scalability -
  6. Recommended! The best of Paul Irish in 2011 (videos) -
  7. How “Prototypal” Inheritance really works -
  8. Byte saving techniques in javascript -

Frameworks / Libraries

  1. Crossroads - a javascript routes system (for mvc solutions) -
  2. DateJS - a javascript date library (with method chaining) -
  3. Amplify (jquery based at the moment - BETA release is without) - a set of components to ease developement with Storage, Session, Ajax, Pub/Sub -
  4. easyXDM - cross domain messaging  made easy with javascript -
  5. An organized list of js frameworks in github-
  6. Javascript  Image Processing -
  7. Humane.js - A notification system -
  8. Eve - Javascript Event Library -



Mobile Supported Frameworks

  1. JO - a javascript cross-platform framework for mobile -
  2. Skeleton - framework for mobile friendly development -



Javascript Templating

Handlebars.js - ”minimal templating on steroids” -


Interesting Tools

Online JSON Viewer/Beautifier -





Regarding the performance improvement article: they (yahoo) wrote a firebug extension called yslow that gives you a list of the issues that make your site slow. I just saw that there's also something for chrome.   It's focused more on loading issues. Basically it just takes the points in the article and checks them.