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When you hear 'Big Data' and 'Analytics' in the same sentence it's usually about Storm and Hadoop. This time our team decided to take something different for a trial.


@Configuration vs xml with prototypes

There are two sides to using spring. One is the injection side, and the annotations are  @Autowire, @Inject, @Resource (see The other side is the definition of beans: @Component, @Repository, @Server.


Spring bean overriding between projects

Our application is split into two layers. There is the core layer (a layer that is common between multiple projects) and there is the customer/customization layer (layer that is customized per customer). What is needed is to enable the customer layer to override the core dao repository. This means that if in the core there is a dao:


I need to create a recovery pattern.

In my pattern I can launch a job only on a given time window.

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 Hi .

We having exactly the same problem that was described in this forum :

And i wonder if you ever encountered this problem and how you solved it ? 


The project i am working on is a combination of Springs , Hibernate and Resteasy services. In this project i need to get the data from mysql database using hibernate and Springs is used of configuring all the service and Impl classes.



I have a working hadoop process.

I would like to migrate it to spring framework using spring hadoop.

I have a few questions.

1. How does hadoop child procesess instatiate spring application context, Is the xml uploaded to distributed

2. configureReducerTypesIfPossible() at JobFactoryBean is not implemented, how does reducerKey and
value types determined?

3. How can I determine job properties like org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.JobContext.setNumReduc eTasks() ,
If they are not in spring-hadoop.xsd ?


by danny

 One of the advanced Spring Security features is remember-me option which allows user to use single sign to system after user's his credentials has been validated and he has been authenticated by system.

The most secure approach to do that is to use Persistant Token approach. You can read more about it here


We can describe this approach works the following way:


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  As the subject states, new version of this integration framework is released. The new features motly include adaptors for new external resources, like RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, etc. The full list of features is available here: